The Insider's Advice on Maximising Cash Flow during the Pandemic Crisis

About the Event

Driven by demand, we are doing this virtual event for a limited time only. Grab your seat now to learn how to set up a cash flow system for maximising cash flow during crises, so you can put an end to your cash flow worries.

Gain insight into how to approach situations created a crisis and how to maximise your cash flow during crises.

Business money expert, Bibi Martin, will show you how to address your cash flow shortage and improve your cash to cash cycle.

In crises, cash flow comes at premium. You will learn how to approach your business in crises and what decisions you need to make right now to maximize your cash flow.

This workshop is for those Executives who are interested in discovering solutions to their cash flow shortage by looking inward. We believe that the solutions to your cash flow problem sit within your business, not outside.

You will learn:

· How to approach your business in times of crises.

· What you need to do to prepare for crises.

· How to boost cash flow and ease up the burden of cash flow shortage during crises.

Those of you who attend this event will receive a special offer for our 100 pages book How to Maximise cash flow during crises to give you the confidence to deal with the uncertanty in a crises. Packed with strategies, tools, case studies and guidelines this ebook is excellent read for Executives who want to ensure they have the money to see them through the crisis and beyond.

In a crisis, Liquidity management to maintain normal operations becomes the focal point of Executives. Using our best practices guarantees you more than survival during crises. Book your seat now to learn how to strengthen your cash flow position.


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Bibi Martin, Business Cash Flow expert

Bibi Martin founded BMIM in 2011 to assist established SMEs in their transition – either growth or re-invention or rescuing for better success. BMIM Cash Flow is the finance division of BMIM, with a single purpose - to enhance CEOs ability to make more money when operating their businesses.

Bibi and her team have helped hundreds of CEOs improve their cash flow and generate greater returns. We are passionate about enabling businesses to gain financial independence, and we have made this affordable. Our background is in cash flow management and finance within fast growth SME environment. We’ve always been part of the SME world and we know how to deliver measurable results time and time again.

Key facts about Bibi:

  • Business Cash Flow Expert
  • Author of How to Double your Cash Flow overnight
  • Author of How to Maximise your Cash Flow during crises
  • Founder of BMIM
  • Founder of BMIM Cash Flow
  • Dedicated 14 years to working with CEOs to enhance their ability to make more money when operating their businesses.

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Date: Thursday 26 November 2020

Time: 14:00 - 15:30

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